Helping You Prepare For Your Sale

Promotional Tools

Take advantage of the various promotional tools offered through the Canadian Angus Association to help promote your business and sell your cattle.

  • Canadian Angus tags certify minimum 50% Angus genetics
  • Canadian Angus RFID indicators include age verification
  • Canadian Angus RFID indicators are fully compliant CCIA tags
  • Angus tagged cattle are eligible for more than 170 Canadian Angus Feeder Sales across Canada—more sales than any other beef breed
  • Canadian Angus tagged cattle are eligible for Canadian Angus branded beef programs

Events Calendar

  • Complimentary listings for Canadian Angus Association members
  • Promote your sale, field day, customer appreciation event, etc.

Pedigree Extracts for Sale Catalogues

  • We can provide three-generation pedigree and all available performance data as a text document or Word document
  • Your sale catalogue will be posted online and added to our events calendar
  • To add your sale animals to the Sale Catalogue listing, contact the Association at 1-888-571-3580 or by email

Sales Package

We offer members a set of promotional tools to use leading up their sale. For $45*, the package includes:

  • Upload of sale catalogue to our website and promotion on at least one Canadian Angus social media channel
  • Sale included on the Canadian Angus Association events calendar
  • Maximum three pictures of herd bulls uploaded to online Herdbook
  • Choice of three inserts for your sale catalogue
  • Access to Canadian Angus Association program logos

*This package is free to members who give away tags at their bull sales or provide the Canadian Angus Association with their sale results within 24 hours of the sale ending.

Elite Sire and Dam Program

The Elite Sire and Dam program identifies superior animals in the Angus breed

If you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Canadian Angus Association st 1-888-571-3580 or by email.

  • Display our best genetics—cattle and show people look their finest
  • Competition for bragging rights as well as show title
  • Awards for Show Bull of the Year and Show Female of the Year in red and black categories
  • Opportunity to see how you compare to the rest of your breed
  • Make contacts in other provinces