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Weaning Weight Reports

Weaning Report


Weaning reports are generated once all the weaning weights for the calf crop have been submitted. This report identifies the calves, their birth information, the weaning weight data submitted, the adjusted weaning weight, the calves’ average daily gain (ADG), and the calves’ index and rank within their contemporary groups based on ADG. This report allows for in-herd comparisons and a basic evaluation of the calves. It is strongly recommended that breeders verify all the information presented in this report to ensure accuracy.

Animals that are ?pending registrations are not included in the genetic evaluation.

Weaning Averages

The Weaning Averages Summary Report lists the herd sires used for the season and summarizes the average weaning weight performance for their progeny for the season. This report provides breeders with a snapshot of how well their sires performed for calves at weaning.