Breed Improvement

The Canadian Angus Performance Program, Genomic Technology, and Research and Development of new tools and technology are all driven with the goal to provide our members with the tools that they need to address production challenges and capitalize on production opportunities.


Ongoing Research

The research and development projects that are currently being undertaken by the Canadian Angus Association are both member driven and generously supported by the Canadian Angus Foundation. Our goal is to develop new tools and technology that improve the competitive advantage of Canadian Angus genetics both within Canada and across the globe.


Genetic Conditions

To maintain Angus breed integrity in Canada, and to assist our members with their mating decisions, the Canadian Angus Association identifies animals that have been tested for genetic conditions and reports the subsequent results of this testing.

Performance Program

The Performance Program is a voluntary evaluation program designed to help breeders select animals that will propel them toward their breeding goals. The program is based on performance data submitted by breeders and genetic selection tools generated by the Canadian Angus Association.

Calculators and Predictors

The mating predictor allows members to enter a bull that they are considering using on a female, or group of females, and see the parental average EPDs that the mating would result in. This helps members make informed decisions about breeding decisions and determine whether specific matings will result in the genetic improvement that they are looking for. The mating predictor is easy to use, just enter a sire registration number and a female registration number or select your entire cow herd. The predictor also provides an estimate of inbreeding co-efficient which some members like to limit.