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Finding buyers and sellers can sometimes be a
challenge to keep up with. This is your best place
to start! Let's help you get the most from your efforts.

Age Verification

Age verification is recording the birth date or start of calving season information on your calves in the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) database. The Canadian Angus Association will age verify cattle that have been tagged with a Canadian Angus RFID indicator on your behalf.


AngusCONNECT is where buyers and sellers of Angus cattle are connected and use tools provided to make sales happen.

Gold Shows

Developed in 1989 by the CAA, the Gold Show program encourages breeders to move between regions to show cattle. Individual animals must show in a minimum of three Gold Shows in at least two different regions in a given year to qualify for awards. Awards are presented based on the number of points collected over the course of the show season.

Helping You Prepare For Your Sale

As a member of the Canadian Angus Association, you may take advantage of a number of tools to help promote your business and sell your cattle. Click to learn more about these programs.

Sale Results

Interested in learning how sales are going? Want to submit your sale results? Click to access sale results and submission form.

Leaders and Elite Programs

Leaders and Elite Programs are a quick way to locate the best elite cows and sires that may be perfect for your breeding program. We provide this service to help develop the Angus breed overall.

Angus Life

Our readers are leaders in their fields.

They hold circles of authority in their families, communities, regions and country. They are the decision makers, the influencers, the ones you want to be talking to. They are the ones who will make a difference for years to come.

Sales Catalogues

Members who email their completed sale catalogue will have it published on the Canadian Angus Association website, event calendar and Facebook.

National Convention

The Canadian Angus Association will be hosting our National Convention 2021 in Saskatoon, SK in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Angus Association from June 10-12, 2021.

Mark your calendars to save the date! More details will be posted as they are confirmed.

Christmas 2020 Ornament

Canadian Angus Merchandise

Canadian Angus Christmas Ornaments 2020

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Canadian Angus Merchandise

Canadian Angus Adjustable Reusable 3-Layer Filter Fabric Masks

Available to order: Canadian Angus branded face masks. $8.50/mask or $21 for a pack of three, plus taxes and $5 for shipping. Interested in purchasing some? Contact the office today to place your order.

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