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Ordering Canadian Angus Management Tags

Canadian Angus management tags are available to help manage your herd. The Association offers a wide variety of colours and sizes to suite your needs.

For custom tag orders, please either 1) scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the online tag order form. Leave custom instructions in the Comments section or 2) contact the Canadian Angus Association directly at 1-888-571-3580 or email.


  • A sure only way to get red Angus cattle into Angus-branded beef programs in Canada is for them to be tagged Canadian Angus.

  • There are a number of branded beef programs in Canada that are unable to find enough verified Angus cattle to satisfy their program demands. The only way to verify? With our Canadian Angus tag!

  • Major Angus-branded programs need and want to verify that what they are selling as Angus is, indeed, Angus! And one way to prove that is by procuring cattle that are tagged Canadian Angus.


According to Canfax, a division of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association that analyzes cattle markets, Angus has 64% influence in the Canadian commercial cattle herd; two-thirds of Canadian crossbred cattle have Angus genetics. Angus cattle are also found in all Canadian provinces.

We have major beef suppliers approaching the Association wanting to use our Angus tagged cattle in their programs. We just don’t have enough Angus tagged cattle to meet their demand.


Canadian Angus Management Tags

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The Canadian Angus Association carries standard and custom Maxi Dangle and Cow/Calf tags in assorted colours.

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