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Canadian Angus
RFID Indicator Program

To Order Canadian Angus RFID Indicators:
CCIA carries both the Datamars brand Temple Tag ComfortEar and the Allflex brand Canadian Angus RFID Indicators.

Please order directly from CCIA's webstore or call 1-877-909-2333.

Note: The Canadian Angus Association does not sell RFID indicators. You must order your Canadian Angus RFID indicators through CCIA.

Matching RFID and dangle tag sets are also available for order through CCIA. Please contact CCIA directly to review options and place orders.

Click the form below to request age verification.

$50,000 Green Tag Extravaganza

Throughout 2021, 24 x $1000 bull and/or heifer credit draws will take place

January to April: 3 draws per month
May to August: 2 draws per month
September to December: 1 draw per month

Plus 4 year-end grand prize draws!

  • Bull and/or heifer credit will be valid for 12 months following the draw date from any Canadian Angus Association member in good standing and participating in the Canadian Angus Tag program (Canadian Angus Association member must have purchased Canadian Angus tags within 12 months prior to draw)
  • Draws to be made on the first Thursday of each month and will be announced on the Canadian Angus Association social media channels
  • Credits are only eligible to be used on purchases made after the draw date
  • Credits are only available to residents of Canada for purchases made in Canada
  • Bull and/or female credits will be paid to producer following transfer of eligible animals
  • The Canadian Angus Association reserves the right to advertise and promote the buyer and seller transaction
  • A 50% bonus will be paid if draw winner is a repeat Canadian Angus tag user (having purchased Canadian Angus tags in 2020, as verified by CCIA or ATQ)
  • Watch for other prizes to be drawn monthly from Canadian Angus tag industry partners
  • Five $1000 buyer credits will be drawn in 2021 to Canadian Angus Association members who participate in the promotion of the Canadian Angus tag program by placing a Canadian Angus Association designed promotional ad in their 2021 bull sale catalogues.
  • Draws will be made at the winning Canadian Angus Association members’ bull sales. Credit is to be used by a customer in the member’s 2022 bull sale.
  • All Canadian Angus Association members participating will be eligible for a $100 sponsorship in their 2021 Sale ($200 for Angus Life 2021 advertisers).
  • Canadian Angus tag promotional ad can be requested from the Association. A copy of the 2021 bull sale catalog must be sent to the Canadian Angus Association digitally or via hard copy for proof of advertisement and sale support will be issued to member. To download the press ready, full page ad, please click here. If you require a different size, please email the Association with the required specs. 

Allflex is a proud sponsor of the $50,000 Green Tag Extravaganza

Allflex has donated one of the year-end grand prizes for our $50,000 Green Tag Extravaganza: the Allflex (Agrident) AWR300 wand reader!

Download the Free Allflex eList App Today
The Allflex eList app provides a simple way to create digital records using Allflex Livestock Intelligence’s readers. Create custom lists for visual ID, electronic ID, Tissue Sample Unit and Monitoring ID with user defined fields. These lists can be exported as a .CSV file and can include dates, time stamps and GPS coordinates. For more information and to download the PDF, please click here.

The Canadian Angus RFID Indicator Program is an official program that identifies animals with a minimum of 50% Angus genetics. Those animals are permanently identified with an Angus indicator, which is CCIA compliant and stays with the animal for life.

All cattle in the program must have at least one purebred Angus parent. Calves must be sired by a registered Angus bull and/or born to a registered Angus cow. If you buy Angus animals, request to have the registration paper transferred into your name.

Merely tagging calves does not guarantee extra dollars. Producers consistently tell us that Angus indicators are a way of documenting information and adding market value to cattle. Angus indicators are a marketing tool to capture potential premiums.

Anyone who has animals that meet the eligibility requirements can purchase Angus indicators. No membership is required. The Canadian Angus Indicator program has two brands of RFID indicators available. The Allflex RFID indicator and the Temple Tag ComfortEar® Angus RFID indicator. Both are carried by the CCIA. You are eligible for 50 indicators per transferred, registered Angus bull for each calf crop. Indicators are sold in packages of 25.

For all your other supplemental tagging needs, please refer to your local supplier.

Angus producers take pride in the breed and in the work they do. They want to show the world their Angus genetics and the Canadian Angus tags are a great way to visually confirm their Angus genetics.

"Identifying cattle with the CAA Green Tag provides the verification that they will meet a growing number of Angus programs that we acquire cattle for. The value of knowing these cattle will meet these programs needs adds value to how aggressive we will bid to acquire these calves."
- Holmes Livestock, Cattle Buyer

"As more and more global markets demand the Angus brand, sourcing cattle to meet our brand specs becomes increasing important and valuable. The assurance that the CAA Green Tag provides knowing purchased cattle will qualify for our Angus brands takes the guesswork out of the equation and adds value into the cattle we acquire."
- Nicolas Ednie, Bouvry Exports Canada

"Backed by an unwavering commitment to sustainable beef production, JBS Canada is honoured to be a premier beef supplier in partnership with the Canadian Angus Association to provide consumers around the world with high quality, 100% Canadian, single-sourced Angus beef. It all begins with hardworking ranchers and farm families dedicated to raising their animals with utmost care and attention to every detail. We thank you for being a part of the Canadian Black Diamond Angus story, its heritage and tradition. Welcome to the family."
- David Colwell, President JBS Canada, Est. 38, Brooks, Alberta

"With the Angus breed known for their strong marbling, genetics are the driver for quality meat. More customer programs look for the Angus callout and want to be associated with the breed as part of their offerings. The green tag program takes the guesswork and emotion out of the equation. It’s a guarantee you are getting the quality and assurances that are tied directly to an Angus program. A great selling tool that provides the confidence in what your end user values."
- Michael Gravelle, Sr. Sales Director, Artisan Farms

"By having our partner Authentic Angus being part of the CAA’s Green Tag program and by having the backing of the Canadian Angus Association, we have been able to ensure that we meet the strict protocols for Angus label claims in Europe. Premium beef programs need premium standards, and the CAA helps us raise our standards against our international competitors."
- Andrea Pavesi, Bervini Primo SRL, Reggio Emilia, Italy

"By being part of the CAA green tag program and working with the CAA, Authentic Angus was able to be the first Canadian beef brand in Europe to feature the Rancher Endorsed logo. Using the logo and having the backing of the CAA has given us additional credibility in the market and allowed us to simplify the process for making our Angus beef label claim."
- David Saretsky, Authentic Angus

Benefits of using Canadian Angus RFID Indicators:

Red Angus
One way to get red Angus cattle into Angus-branded beef programs in Canada is for them to be tagged with our Canadian Angus tag.

Branded beef programs
There are a number of branded beef programs in Canada that are unable to find enough verified Angus cattle to satisfy their program demands. The only way to verify? With our Canadian Angus tag!

Angus-branded programs
We are moving closer and closer to where major Angus-branded programs will need and want to prove that what they are selling as Angus is, indeed, Angus! And the only way to verify minimum 50% Angus genetics is by procuring cattle that are tagged Canadian Angus.

Age verification
The Canadian Angus Association will age verify your Angus-tagged animals for you upon request.

Canadian Angus tags qualify animals for numerous branded Angus beef programs in Canada.

Tags are competitively priced.

Purchasing ease
Angus tags are CCIA compliant, meet all national identification requirements and are delivered via Canada Post directly to you.

Canadian Angus tags visually and electronically differentiate Angus and Angus-cross cattle by guaranteeing that the animal bearing the tag has a minimum of 50% Angus genetics.

Legal Requirement
You have to tag your animals anyway, so why not tag them Angus?

Show your Angus pride! Angus is the biggest beef breed in North America with 64% of all calves processed annually containing Angus genetics.

CCIA carries both the Datamars brand Temple Tag ComfortEar Canadian Angus RFID indicator as well as the Allflex brand Canadian Angus RFID indicator.


Rush age verification service is available at a cost of $2 per head to a maximum of $100

The age verification rush fee will guarantee service within one business day.

Age verification requests will be processed within 30 days.