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Birth Reports and Worksheets

Birth Reports

Birthing information submitted is used to calculate a summary of each sire’s calving performance for comparison.

205 Day Weight Worksheet

The 205 Day Weight Worksheets are also generated once a complete herd inventory has been recorded. 205 day weights or weaning weights should be recorded within a week of calves being weaned, and are required for every calf recorded for that season.

The acceptable age range for weaning weights (205 day weights) is 120–280 days of age. It is best to try and weigh your animals when most of them are closest to 205 days.

When to Weigh:


When to Weigh Reference Table

January 1 July 25
January 29 August 22
February 26 September 19
March 26 October 17
April 23 November 14
May 21 December 12
June18 January 9
July 16 February 6
August 13 March 6
September 10 April 3
October 8 May 1
November 5 May 29
December 3 June 26
December 31 July 24