Canadian Angus Association

Calving Book App

Our solution to shared, washed, and lost calving books is the Canadian Angus Calving App. The Canadian Angus calving app is designed to be easy to use with the same fields as the paper calving book. It is our objective to provide members with an easy electronic option to record calves on the go, as they come. Members will be able to extract their calving information from the calving app into our registration portal at any time.

Download the Canadian Angus Association Calving Book from for your Android device or from the Apple App Store for your Apple device. After downloading, you will be able to register for an account using your Canadian Angus Association membership number and password of your choice. Once you are logged in under your account, you can create multiple calving books based on your operation needs; perhaps one calving book per year for example. We believe members will appreciate being able to access historic calving books as the years go by.

Members can create calf records individually or working from their preloaded female inventory. Multiple people accessing the same account information can add to and access the same calving information. So, if your night shift person creates five calves, your day shift person will be able to access this information on their own device. Members will also be able to export the information from their Canadian Angus Association calving app to their computer for easy access. The app only includes the basic fields that are on your calving book. However, calf information from the app is formatted in a way that members can quickly complete additional fields required and submit to the Association for registration.

This calving season we hope that the Canadian Angus Association calving app brings you a little extra joy because it is so easy to use. We have included some basic instructions above. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your Canadian Angus Association member service team (