Canadian Angus Association

Angus Advantages

When it comes to cattle genetics, Angus is not only a breed—it is also a brand. The Canadian Angus Association works to promote the Angus breed to commercial cattlemen and consumers. We work in partnership with provincial Angus associations, regional Angus groups and Angus producers and members. Canadian Angus animals and genetics have been exported with great success to all five continents and are generally regarded to be of superior quality in global genetic circles.

Angus Advantages

Even in Canada’s sometimes harsh calving season, the Angus cow consistently delivers a calf that thrives with little assistance.

The Angus mothering instinct is very strong, as is the calf’s instinct to get up and suck within the first few moments after birth.

Cancer eye is not prevalent in Angus cattle.

Angus cows produce an abundance of milk right up to weaning.

Angus cattle have superior marbling ability, opening the door to improved beef tenderness.

Canadian consumers recognize the name Angus and equate it with quality. They want Angus beef for its flavour, tenderness and marbling.

The dark skin and udders of Red and Black Angus cattle mean that sunburned udders are rarely a problem.

The Angus cow is renowned for her maternal traits, calving ease and ability to milk, producing a calf each year that more than exceeds half her body weight.

Angus thrive under all weather conditions with a minimum of maintenance and in all regions of Canada.

Both purebred and Angus-cross cattle demonstrate superior feed conversion, providing higher net returns on investment.

Angus are known for their stayability (a cow’s continuing ability to bear calves). It’s not unusual for 12-and 13-year-old Angus cows to be productive.

No dehorning is required with Angus cattle as they carry a highly heritable, natural polled gene.

The most important message for anyone marketing Angus cattle is that if an animal is identified as Angus in advertising then it MUST be registered with the Canadian Angus Association. A registration certificate is the only way to authenticate Angus genetics. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PUREBRED WITHOUT PAPERS. Making this statement is illegal under the Animal Pedigree Act.