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How to Complete the
Female Exposure Worksheet

The Female Exposure Worksheet is used to keep track of all females that were exposed to bulls either through natural breeding or artificial insemination and the dates of their exposures. Female exposure worksheets are your opportunity to ensure all females that are not active in your purebred herd are disposed of. This is extremely important for members on the ACE program as ACE enrollment fees are assessed based on active cows in your herd inventory.

If you wish to participate in the ACE program, your completed female exposure and disposal sheets must be returned by December 1.

Female exposure and disposal data is also used to calculate EPDs for traits like Stayability and Heifer Pregnancy (HPG). These traits are of economic importance so please take the time to submit this data. In addition, submitting your exposure information makes things easier at registration time, as the potential sires of your calves are already recorded for you.

The Female Exposure worksheet will be sent to each herd enrolled on the performance program. It will be pre-printed and include each heifer aged 9 to 17 months within your herd.

How to Complete the Female Exposure Worksheet

Heifer exposure information is linked to calves reported on the Herd Inventory and Application for Registration. From these two data points, the ease with which a heifer becomes pregnant is calculated and reported as a Heifer Pregnancy EPD.


1. Start Date
Please indicate the date that the female was first exposed to a bull or semen (AI). If the heifer was AI’d and then exposed in pasture, use the AI date as the start date.

2. End Date
The end date is the last date that the female was in contact with a bull or semen. If the heifer was AI’d and then exposed in pasture, use the last date that the bull was with her as the end date.
Note: if you had several groups of heifers, each with different start and end dates, please indicate this. Each heifer can have a different start and end date.

3. AI/Nat
Indicate if the exposure was by AI or to a walking bull

4. Sire ID or Sire Group
Indicate the bull’s CAA registration number or tattoo, or create a group of sires at the bottom of the page and then use group number.

5. Exp Group
Indicate if all females were managed the same and had the same opportunity to become pregnant.

6. Disposal Code
Deactivate or remove females that are no longer actively producing for your purebred herd:
1 – Died (disease)
2 – Died (age)
3 – Died (other)
4 – Culled (physical defect)
5 – Culled (fertility)
6 – Culled (performance)
7 – Culled (temperament)
8 – Culled (age)
9 – Sold for breeding (no paper transferred)

7. Disposal Date
The date of disposal should be indicated in dd/mm/yyyy format.