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Tattooing an Animal

Tattoo Letters
To register Angus cattle in Canada, you must apply for and secure the right to use a set of unique tattoo letters. Tattoo letters need only be applied for once and stay with the member as long as (s)he is an active member of the Association. If tattoo letters have not been used for seven years they may be reassigned. 

Herd Name
Although optional, the use of herd names is recommended. Herd names are used as either a prefix or suffix in naming registered cattle to identify the owner at birth. Selecting a herd name and registering it with the Association ensures that only you can use it in naming your cattle. Your herd name does not have to be the same as your membership name. 

Step-by-step procedures on how to properly tattoo an Angus animal according to the official regulations of the Canadian Angus Association: