Canadian Junior Angus

The future is in good hands. With programs that help our youth grow and learn about Angus, more innovations are just around the corner.

What does the
Canadian Junior Angus do?

CJA Board of Directors

Canadian Junior Angus (CJA) was established in 1999 as a junior organization to the Canadian Angus Association.

Juniors, who are 21 years of age and younger, participate in national events throughout the year that allow for opportunities to network, learn and grow. These events include Showdown, the national Junior show and the Guiding Outstanding Angus Leaders Conference (GOAL), which encourages Juniors to become involved in and excited about the industry and the breed with interactive activities and motivational speakers.

Canadian Junior Angus also offers many different opportunities that Juniors can apply for through the Canadian Angus Foundation. The Foundation functions to preserve and expand the Angus breed for future generations through education, youth development, scientific and market research and historical preservation.

“I gained valuable knowledge from my experiences, both with cattle and working on boards and executives. But more importantly, I gained contacts and a network of friends, customers and coaches that have impacted my career and life every year since my involvement as a Junior.”

Chad Lorenz, Alberta

Canadian Junior Angus has brought to me many friendships, talents and goals as well as new perspectives over the last few years that I would have never been able to gain without them, coming from a small island. CJA has benefited me in a lot of different ways and it’s allowed me to take the things I’ve learned home to my friends and family to teach them new and innovative things for our farms, association and shows. I am forever grateful for the opportunities!

Madison Pirch, Prince Edward Island

The Canadian Angus Foundation has helped myself and many other Junior members pursue their life goals. The Legacy Scholarship, in particular, pushes members to step out of their comfort zone and share their thoughts on the future of agriculture.

Alana Higgins, British Columbia

Members also get:

  • “Junior Connections” published to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening

  • Showdown – The Canadian Junior Angus Show – this show will move between regions and incorporate many activities beyond conformation and showmanship

  • GOAL Conference – annual conference that began in 2006 in Calgary. Its main function is to get more Junior Angus members involved and excited about the breed with fun and interactive activities and great motivational speakers

  • Involvement with other Junior Angus Associations

  • Scholarships

  • Canadian Angus Foundation acts as the liaison between the Canadian Angus Association & Canadian Junior Angus

Interested in becoming a Canadian Junior Angus member?

The Guiding Outstanding Angus Leaders (GOAL) Conference promotes leadership skills within the Angus breed.

The annual national Canadian Junior Angus show, Showdown, began in 2000 as an outlet for juniors from across the nation to gather in one location to exhibit their Angus cattle in conformation divisions.

The CJA offers many different scholarships that juniors can apply for through the Canadian Angus Foundation.