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Pedigree Extract Requests

To minimize the number of errors caused by typing three-generation pedigree data for sale catalogues, along with making sure the most up-to-date information is included, pedigree extracts are available for Canadian Angus Association members putting together sale catalogues. A pedigree extract is a text data file which contains individual animal identification, a three-generation pedigree, and all available performance data. Pedigree extract files are sent to the customer or their designate by email.

As an added service to the pedigree extracts, Canadian Angus Association members who provide their completed sale catalogue as a PDF will have it published on the Canadian Angus Association website and at least one social media channel. In addition, you can electronically submit your event as well and it will be added to the events calendar to increase exposure for your sale.


Requests for pedigree extract files should be placed after all registration and performance requirements have been met.

Pending and CM (commercial) animals do not qualify for pedigree extracts.

Requesting a Pedigree Extract

Please see form below.

CAA Form

$2.50/animal if the registration number is sent electronically.

$5/animal if the registration number is not sent electronically.

When possible, include the lot number, or if that is not known, provide the order in which the animals are to be sold.