Canadian Angus Association

Verified Angus

Promote your value; buy with confidence.


Ranchers deserve recognition for the cattle they raise and the beef product they produce, and cattle buyers and Canadian Angus beef consumers want to know what they are buying. The Canadian Angus Association wants to support our members and their customers through a genetics-based verification program, Verified Angus.

What is Verified Angus?

The Canadian Angus Association’s Verified Angus program provides third-party verification for cattle that are a minimum of 50% Angus genetics, providing access to genetics-based branded Angus beef programs and marketing opportunities for Canadian Angus genetics. The Verified Angus program is an extension of the Canadian Angus tag program and aims to provide verification of Angus genetics regardless of the RFID tag used.

Producers enrolled in the Verified Angus program will have access to Association verification of genetics and recognition of Best Management Practices including vaccination protocols. Label verification is increasingly becoming necessary for market access and added market value.

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Producers who raise Angus and Angus-influence cattle can qualify for the Verified Angus program by meeting the following requirements:

  • Purchase Canadian Angus RFID tags through CCIA for automatic enrollment OR enroll in the Verified Angus Program through the Canadian Angus Association
  • Animals must have a minimum of 50% Angus genetics; thus at least one of the parents must be registered in the CAA herdbook
  • Registered animals must be transferred to your ownership for verification
  • To receive additional verification recognition for Best Management Practices including vaccination protocol, complete the Verified Angus Program enrollment form

Market Opportunities on the Verified Angus Program

In addition to label and attribute verification, producers enrolled in the Verified Angus Program will have access to the new AngusCONNECT marketplace. Verified Angus cattle can be listed for sale and marketed through this platform. AngusCONNECT also offers opportunities to add value by promoting all other applicable attributes such as VBP+ Certified, Best Management Practices Certified, Vaccination Protocol Certified, and more. AngusCONNECT helps take the guesswork out of cattle buying and supports buying with confidence. Through our new marketing platform, buyers will be connected to the sellers they want, and sellers will be connected to the buyers they need.