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High Steaks: Fine Dining Finds New Elevation with Joel McHale and Certified Angus Beef

A comedian and an Angus rancher hike to the top of a cliff; it’s not the start of a joke, it’s the most elevated meal of the year. After a 2-mile hike to 8,500-feet elevation, the pair rock climbed a via feratta to a 100-feet high ledge to enjoy out-of-this-world delicious beef.
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CRSB Sustainable Beef Standards Review

Join CRSB for a short live webinar including an overview of the background of the Framework review and update process, instructions for providing feedback, followed by a Q&A session.
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Swiss reject initiative to ban factory farming

Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a proposal to ban factory farming in a referendum on whether the wealthy country’s strict animal welfare laws need to be tightened yet further.
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Beef sector faces genomic roadblocks

Researcher urges industry to make the most of new technology, but producers say it must be worth the time it will require Beef sector faces genomic roadblocks
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Show us the money, Part 2: Balancing beef carcass quality and yield

Only by sharing grading information can the industry signal market demand to cow-calf producers
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National Farmers Mental Health Alliance seeks to support farmers, rural social support systems

New group offers ag-minded and farm-lived experience training to support farmer mental health in a more relatable approach
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Cattle genes in bison unable to hide

According to a new study by scientists at Texas A&M University, all bison in North America carry multiple small, yet identifiable regions of DNA that originally came from cattle. The research confirms there are, in fact, no purebred bison on the continent.
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Calgary company converts brewery waste into livestock feed

A Calgary company has set out to convert brewing leftovers into livestock feed to help farmers and ranchers.
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Passing of CAA Past President Dr. Aylward

We have recently learned that CAA Past President (1993) Dr. Bedford (Dale) Aylward passed away on August 25. Dr. Aylward worked hard to promote the Angus breed and contributed many hours to both the BC and Canadian Angus boards. Our sincere condolences to his friends and family. Read his obituary at
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