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The future of Canadian Angus is all about preserving and expanding the Angus breed for future generations through education, youth development, scientific and market research and historical preservation and restoration. Help in supporting the future and brand it your own today!


The Canadian Angus Foundation functions to preserve and expand the Angus breed for future generations through education, youth development, scientific and market research, and historical preservation and restoration. The Canadian Angus Foundation was incorporated in 1993 and is the charitable arm of the Canadian Angus Association.


With inspiration and bold initiatives we create opportunities to grow our Angus legacy.

It’s a great way to learn how to raise cattle and how to become a successful businessperson and how to operate it. They have organized everything so that us Juniors can register and sell our own animals. The Junior programs help us learn different ways to market them through different sales, and the Canadian Angus Foundation is a great help for Juniors.

Jessica Davey, Saskatchewan

Having the opportunity to compete for the Foundation Legacy Scholarship was an incredibly unique and rewarding experience. The opportunity to connect with other people as passionate about the Angus breed and the future of our industry was really amazing, and it allowed me to challenge myself in areas where I was less experienced. The scholarship itself has helped immensely towards covering the costs of my education, and I will be forever grateful to the Foundation for the opportunities they provide.

Chris Jermey, Manitoba

I was fortunate enough to have won a travel bursary through the Canadian Angus Foundation which helped to offset my travel to Ottawa, Ontario to attend my first GOAL conference. I was made aware of the travel bursary application by a fellow Junior and figured it would be worth the short time it took to complete! The application process was very easy and straightforward. The first step was to make a résumé of all your Angus involvement, and then answer a few short questions. When I got the phone call to find out that I had won one of the bursaries I was so excited and could not wait for GOAL conference to come! Winning this meant a lot to me. It truly shows how invested in Juniors the Canadian Angus Association and Canadian Angus Foundation are. The opportunity to attend GOAL allowed me to interact with Juniors that have the same interests as me. Also we got hear from top speakers regarding issues within the cattle industry, which allowed me to come home and share these issues with my family and to apply what I learned to our herd. Thank you! 

Riley Leeson, Alberta

What is the Canadian Angus Foundation?

One of the important pieces of history for the Canadian Angus Association was the development of the Canadian Angus Foundation.

The Canadian Angus Foundation was incorporated in 1993. The Foundation is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. The main functions of the Foundation are to preserve and expand the Angus breed for future generations through education, youth development, scientific and market research and historical preservation and restoration.

Board of Directors

Chair: Shawn Birmingham 204-763-4738
Past Chair: Tammi Ribey 519-389-4329


2022/2023 and 2023/2024 Directors:
Matt Bates 705-341-9510
Kaitlyn Bolduc 403-682-9947
Jason Frey 306-485-7230
Brian Geis 780-674-0568
Chad Lorenz 403-896-9585
Susan MacKinnon 902-651-2210
Wes Olynyk 306-876-4420
Raina Syrnyk 431-373-0153

CAA Representatives:
Robbie Garner 306-946-7946
Mona Howe 306-661-0049

Treasurer and CAA CEO:
Myles Immerkar 403-571-3580

Executive Director:
Belinda Wagner 306-537-1518



The Canadian Angus Foundation is committed to fulfilling their mission statement and are currently supporting initiatives in Canadian Angus research, working on a living history project to bring our archives to life and developing educational programming. Support of scholarships and awards for young breeders and junior members is ongoing.

Help Support the Canadian Angus Foundation

There are various ways that you can support the Foundation. It is with your help and care that the Foundation is able to offer different programs to Canadian Angus Association members from coast to coast, both breeders and supporters of the Canadian Angus cause who donate and purchase in support of our Foundation and our national youth.

You can support the Canadian Angus Foundation throughout the year through donations to scholarships and awards such as the Outstanding Young Angus Breeder and the Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador (and others), as well as travel bursaries and junior shows. This support also includes providing junior and young breeders the opportunity to learn and grow in areas of leadership, marketing, technology, and Angus production as well as opportunities for non-livestock youth to learn about our industry. Funding is also provided to assist with speakers and events targeted at member education. Contact the Foundation to find out more information on the area you are interested in supporting or click the Donate Now button at the top of this page to donate today!


Help support the Foundation and it's initiatives

The Building the Legacy Sale is a fundraising auction for the Canadian Angus Foundation.

The Canadian Angus Foundation offers many different scholarships that juniors can apply for.