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Animal Transfers and Sire Authorization

Transferring Angus Cattle

The Animal Pedigree Act requires that all animals sold as registered be officially transferred by the seller and the registration certificate presented to the purchaser within six months of the date of sale.

Any registered Angus animal that is sold must have its registration certificate transferred to the new owner within six months of the sale as per the Canadian Angus Association bylaws. If the animal is not intended for sale as a registered Angus, the seller must notify the Canadian Angus Association in writing so that the animal’s registration can be cancelled and must note on the bill of sale that the ‘animal was sold as a commercial animal—no paper available’.

The Canadian Angus Association recommends that buyers and sellers of purebred Angus cattle use a bill of sale (see Sample Bill of Sale) and clearly note all details of the sale and/or agreements in writing. If a dispute arises and the seller isn’t cooperating with the transfer of the animal, please contact the Association for advice.

Cattle transfers have never been easier with AngusNOW.  Looking to give Sire Authorization for registration of calves?  Find all the information below.

Things to
to do

  1. To transfer animals, complete the Application for Transfer of Ownership. The form must be filled out and sent in via mail, email or fax. Typically the SELLER pays for the transfer HOWEVER in some cases the buyer will be designated as the payee and funds must accompany the transfer if they are a NON-Financial member.
  2. If a bred female is sold, the service dates and information must be provided on the transfer application. All service sires must be DNA tested and the bull must be AI approved if applicable. If a semen interest is retained on a bull that is being transferred, put both the name of the buyer and your own name on the application for transfer so that both names appear on the registration certificate as current owners.
  3. All signatures of listed owners must appear on the transfer, unless Signing Authority Agreement for Canadian Angus Association Registered Animals has been provided. In the case where an entire herd is transferred to a new owner, one application for transfer may be completed if a list of animals to be transferred is attached. The completed transfer form of the listed animals must be submitted to the Canadian Angus Association by being submitted by the owner who will incur the fees through their AngusNOW profile.

How to transfer an e-stored Registration Certificate

Send your transfer request to the Member Service by mail (292140 Wagon Wheel Blvd, Rocky View County, AB, T4A 0E2) by email or by fax (403-571-3599).

Please include the following information in your request:

Body of message:

  • Identify the animal by the tattoo and registration number
  • Identify the buyer by name and address
  • Provide a sale date
  • If the animal is a bred female, provide the service details including sire identification and exposure dates.

You may also use the Application for Transfer of Ownership below to apply for a transfer.


Non-financial Transfers

Non-financial transfers are ownership transfers in which no money changes hands. These transfers are usually between family members, partners, company members or estate settlements. Partnerships and company members must all be recorded with the Canadian Angus Association before a non-financial transfer will be processed with a non-financial transfer fee.

Some common non-financial transfer situations are:

  • Transfer from an individual to a partnership, or a partnership to an individual.
  • Transfers between linked herds.
  • Addition or deletion of an individual in a partnership or farm name.
  • Estate transfers to another family member or beneficiary.
  • Estate transfers require either a death certificate, a copy of the will or a letter from the lawyer of the estate, including the name(s) of the executors. The executor will be the signing authority for estate transfers.
  • Transfers of herd names and tattoo letters can also be included in estate settlements.

Please note: non-financial transfers cannot be done on AngusNOW; they must be sent into the Association office.

Sire Authorization

Sire Authorization allows a member to give access on a bull to other members.  The form must be filled out and sent in via mail, email or fax.

Please note: The Canadian Angus Association will not be responsible for monitoring registration of calves for specific years. Once authorization is given on individual bulls the access will remain in place.  If you are looking to link your herd for semen and bull use please see the Shared Semen & Bull use form.

A sire authorization form must be filled out and sent in to allow members without ownership access to the bull.

  • As of January 1, 2021, there will be a $50 fee per sire authorization (linked herds included in same fee).
  • If a member prefers, they can set the bull up for public access for a one-time $100 fee.
  • Imported public access bulls will be charged a $400 AI approval fee.

Importation of Animals, Semen or Embryos 

All imported AI sires, donor dams and ET animals must meet the requirements for registration in the Canadian Angus Herdbook and requirements outlined under the CAA Parentage Verification Policy and Genetic Condition Policy.
  • Proof of ownership must be provided via export country website or a copy of the certificate for live animals.
  • Proof of legal import of semen, embryos or live animals (e.g. CFIA documents) is required before your application for registration can be processed. Attach copies of all relevant documents along with import form from the website.

Please Note

The transfer fee is the responsibility of the seller unless otherwise noted on the bill of sale.

Members can transfer animals through AngusNOW