Age Verification

Age verification is recording the birth date or start of calving season information on your calves in the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) database. The Canadian Angus Association will age verify cattle that have been tagged with a Canadian Angus RFID indicator on your behalf. Age verification provides the proof of age Canadian beef needs for international markets. Age verification is also mandatory for animals born in Alberta. This is a free service the Canadian Angus Association offers to our Angus indicator customers upon request.


  1. Tag your cattle with Canadian Angus RFID Indicators
  2. Send a list of the RFID indicator numbers and the corresponding birth dates/start date of calving season by filling out the below form electronically and press submit or fax, email or mail to the Canadian Angus Association office.

Required information:

  • Producer name and mailing address
  • Phone Number
  • Method of Age Verification—Calving Start Date (CS) OR Individual Calf Birth Dates (AB)
  • RFID Indicator Numbers (full 15 digits of the tag are needed; for example: 124 000 299 999 701)—you can use the stickers included with your RFID indicator instead of writing out each indicator number
  • CCIA Third Party User Application Form: click HERE to access the form from the CCIA website

Calving season age verification can be done as long as the season does not exceed three months. If the calving season is longer, you will need to break down the indicators into groups and assign different starting dates of birth to each group.


  1. Producer Joe has 120 calves born between February 15, 2020 and April 30, 2020, and has received the indicator range 01 124 000 299 222 501 to 01 124 000 299 222 625.
  2. Joe records the date the first calf is born and tags the 120 calves with indicator numbers 299 222 501 to 299 222 620.
  3. Joe sends the calving season date and indicator numbers used to the Canadian Angus Association.
  4. The birth dates are registered with CCIA.
  5. Joe receives the CCIA Birth Certificate, proof of age document that verifies his calves are recorded in the national database.
  6. RFID Indicator Start #299 222 501; RFID Indicator End #299 222 620; Birth Date 20090215; Method - Calving Season - CACP numbers on Registration Certificates


Rush age verification service is available at a cost of $2 per head to a maximum of $100

Age verification requests will be processed within 30 days.

The age verification rush fee will guarantee service within one business day.