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Programs That Add Value

ACE Program

For breeders looking to take advantage of many of the Canadian Angus membership services, the best value just may be the Angus Cow Enrollment program (ACE). The voluntary ACE program gives breeders the option to pay an annual fee of $65/cow enrolled to gain access to a full suite of member services provided at no extra cost.

Canadian Angus
RFID Indicator Program

The Canadian Angus Tag Program, based on the nationally required RFID indicator, is the world’s largest branded tag program. The RFID tags visually and electronically identify cattle with a minimum of 50% Angus genetics. Canadian Angus RFID tags are Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) compliant. Management tags are also available in large, maxi, and supermaxi sizes. Producers with Angus cattle with at least one registered parent are eligible for the program—regardless of whether or not they are Canadian Angus Association members.

Ordering Canadian Angus
Management Tags

The Canadian Angus Performance program is a voluntary evaluation program designed to help breeders select animals that will propel them toward their breeding goals. The program is based on performance data submission by breeders and the generation of selection tools by the association.


The Canadian Angus Performance program is a voluntary evaluation program designed to help breeders select animals that will propel them toward their breeding goals.  The program is based on performance data submission by breeders and the generation of selection tools by the association.

Tools That Add Value

Animal Transfers

Cattle transfers have never been easier with AngusNOW.  Looking to give Sire Authorization for registration of calves.  Find all the information here.


Animal Registration
on AngusNOW

AngusNOW is the live Canadian Angus Association registration system. AngusNOW provides you with the tools to register animals, enter calving data, enter weights, transfer animals and much more from the comfort of your home! With AngusNOW you can receive registration numbers and transfer ownership instantly – no more waiting for your information to be processed!

Animal Search: Herdbook

Explore Canada’s largest cattle registry, trace the lineage of registered Angus animals, locate the progeny of famous sires and dams, research their EPDs, and contact the breeders responsible for excellent Angus genetics.


Breeder Handbook

The handbook contains essential information about the Canadian Angus association policies, procedures, programs and services. It includes a step-by-step instructions to help members complete paperwork correctly.  All forms can be downloaded or filled out and applied for on our site.

Calculators and Predictors

The mating predictor allows members to enter a bull that they are considering using on a female, or group of females, and see the parental average EPDs that the mating would result in. This helps members make informed decisions about breeding decisions and determine whether specific matings will result in the genetic improvement that they are looking for. The mating predictor is easy to use, just enter a sire registration number and a female registration number or select your entire cow herd. The predictor also provides an estimate of inbreeding co-efficient which some members like to limit.

DNA Test Requests

DNA testing is available for a variety of purposes which include parentage verification testing and genetic condition testing.

Embryo Transplant, Artificial Insemination, Donor Dam & AI Approval

Resources to help registrations of your AI and ET calves go smoother including Donor Dam and AI Approval.

AngusONE: EPD Genetic Evaluatons

EPDs are selection tools that describe the genetic potential or breeding value of seed stock animals.

Importation of Animals

Angus associations have differing policies for registering animals. Thus, any animal imported into the Canadian Angus Herdbook must be eligible for registration according to our rules.

Pedigree Extract Requests

To minimize the number of errors caused by typing three-generation pedigree data for sale catalogues, along with making sure the most up-to-date information is included, pedigree extracts are available for CAA members putting together sale catalogues. A pedigree extract is a text data file which contains individual animal identification, a three-generation pedigree, and all available performance data.

Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasounding your animals provides you with fast, economical, and proven data on carcass composition of breeding stock at your fingertips. By ultrasounding bulls and heifers, you can determine their genetic merit for carcass traits without actually looking under the hide. These traits are heritable. Genetic evaluation of these traits will allow breeders to select animals with the carcass traits that they desire for their breeding program.

Reference Material That Adds Value

Data Collection Guide

An at-your-fingertips guide to help you with your own management. 

Tattooing an Animal

To register Angus cattle in Canada, you must apply for and secure the right to use a set of unique tattoo letters. Tattoo letters need only be applied for once and stay with the member as long as (s)he is an active member of the Association.

Forms, Fee Schedule & Worksheets

These worksheets will help you organize, process and collect information about your cattle more efficiently.

Check the Ear Tattoo of Each Animal You Buy

The Canadian Angus Association by-laws state that the tattoo must be in the right ear. When you purchase animals, check the right ear tattoo and make sure it matches the registration certificate. Contact us immediately if the ear tattoo and registration certificate do not match.

The letters I, O, Q, and V may not be used as a year letter. After Z, the next year’s letter shall revert back to A.

Year and Corresponding Letter

2019 G
2020 H
2021 J
2022 K
2023 L
2024 M

Membership & Programs of the Canadian Angus Association - A Comparison

General Membership
• Members in good standing are eligible to vote and serve on the Board of Directors.
• May register eligible animals.
• Registered animals may compete in Canadian Angus Association Gold Shows and vie for the annual Show Female of the Year and Show Bull of the Year awards.
• Eligible to participate in the Canadian Angus Performance Program to receive Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs).
• Eligible to request pedigree extracts for sale catalogues, which may be posted on the Canadian Angus Association website.
• Members can receive enhanced web access through the AngusNOW section of the Canadian Angus Association website.
• If you have a valid email address on file, the monthly e-newsletter will be sent to you, keeping you informed about deadlines, news, policy changes and Association events.
• Field staff represent Canadian Angus Association members at sales and industry events across Canada.
• Membership in your provincial Angus association is included.
• Increased marketing opportunities through the Canadian Angus Indicator Program.

ACE Program
The Angus Cow Enrollment (ACE) program is the Canadian Angus Association’s voluntary fee schedule program.

The program allows members to access a full suite of Canadian Angus Association services at only $65 per active cow. The full list of services provided under the program is detailed on the following page. The current Canadian Angus Association fee schedule is still available to all members; ACE is an alternative fee program available for interested members.

A member’s ACE enrollment fee is based on the number of active cows in their inventory. If a breeder does not wish to enroll an animal in the ACE program, they must submit the Female Exposure and Disposal Worksheet by December 1 to indicate all cows that are no longer active.

The ACE program has flexible billing options that allow breeders to pay for ACE enrollment annually or tri-annually (January 1, April 1, October 1 for Spring herds and April 1, July 1 & October 1 for Fall herds). The ACE program is poised to simplify the breeder experience so members can spend less time paying bills and more time doing what matters to them.

In order to enroll in the program, interested members return their completed Female Exposure and Disposal Worksheets which are sent out in the fall and due December 1 each year.

Performance Program
The Canadian Angus Association strives to provide its members with tools to improve breed health and profitability. The most powerful breeding tools used to evaluate cattle herds are Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs). EPDs are values that predict how the future progeny of an animal will perform relative to the progeny of other animals in the breed. EPDs allow for a fair
comparison of animals from different herds.

Members who participate in the Canadian Angus Performance Program (CAPP) have the advantage of accessing EPDs on their animals. Based on total herd reporting, CAPP members are required to submit either a calf or an action code for all females and weaning weights on all calves. Not all calves are required to be registered however they must be recorded with an appropriate tattoo/tag identification number, birth date, and sex.

Members also submit performance (weaning weights, yearling weights, mature cow weights, docility, Body Condition score, Teat & Udder, Feet traits), fertility and carcass data on paper through the office or through AngusNOW. The 205-day weight is a mandatory weight and the most important weight for genetic evaluation purposes. Any animals without weights must be
disposed of using a designated fate code. Contemporary group information is required for all aspects of reporting as they are very important in the function of EPDs.

Click here to access the PDF with the comparison program descriptions and costs.