Age Verification

Note: Age verification is only for those who use Canadian Angus indicators (tags)

If you have not already done so, please complete the CCIA Third Party User Application Form


    • The RFID Tag Start # is the first tag number when entering a sequence of tags or the tag number for a single animal.
    • The full 15 digits on the tag need to be recorded or use the stickers provided with your tag order.
    • The Tag End # is the last tag number when entering a sequence of tags.
    • The Date of birth is to be entered as YYYYMMDD.
    • Allow up to 30 days for processing or contact Canadian Angus for expedited service.

    Enter animal birth dates OR the birth date of the first calf in the group (calving season start date).

  • RFID Tag Start # RFID Tag End # Calving Start/Birth Date Actions


Non-electronic Users:

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