What is AngusCONNECT?

AngusCONNECT is a service by the Canadian Angus Association that helps commercial calf producers market the best genetic merits of their cattle. Through sire lineage data, combined with a feedlot index based on performance and quality grades, AngusCONNECT helps market and showcase genetics to achieve greater returns for the seller. AngusCONNECT also helps take the guess work out of cattle buying. Buyers will be connected to the sellers they want and sellers will be connected to the buyers they need.


For those commercial producers that use Canadian Angus tags and have registered and/or transferred Angus bulls into their name, they can now take full advantage of AngusCONNECT.

Among AngusCONNECT’s features is the Angus Feeder Calf Index score, which is a terminal index that combines groups of traits that could be relevant to a feedlot’s performance and quality grading such as balanced marbling, weaning to yearling performance, ribeye size, yield and carcass weight.

The Canadian Angus Association will provide a certificate showcasing the genetic merit of calves using the data of sire lineage. Using a strong herd health program combined with a sound nutrition program and the breed’s strong reputation, the AngusCONNECT program is meant to fully support marketing efforts through sharing information to potential buyers looking for cattle to fit their programs.

This is just another way that Canadian Angus membership works to get the greatest value and benefit from being part of a strong herd health program. This new program is voluntary and free for producers, so purchase your Canadian Angus tags today and ask about joining AngusCONNECT.

How it works

  1. Producer must qualify for and use Canadian Angus tags.
  2. Producer will submit sire(s) information to the Canadian Angus Association.
  3. Each producer will receive a group score that he/she can use to market their cattle.