Application for Tattoo Letters & Herd Name

Registry - Application for Tattoo Letters Herd Name

  • Tattoo Letters

  • Tattoo letters are required to register Angus cattle. Please choose two, three or four letters that will be authorized for your exclusive use in tattooing the right ears of your registered Angus cattle. The use of the letter "Q" is not permitted in tattoo letter combinations. The top row of the right ear tattoo will contain the breeder's registered tattoo letters, the bottom row will contain a 1, 2, 3 or 4 digit number followed by the year letter that corresponds to the year the animal was born.

    Tattoo examples

  • Herd Name

  • Members of the Canadian Angus Association are required to apply to register a herd name for use when naming Angus Cattle. Words like "Farm", "Angus", "Ranch", or "Ltd." cannot be part of a registered herd name. A herd name should be 16 or less characters, and cannot start with the word RED. The herd name must be the first word (after RED), if it's a red animal) in the animal's name.

    For Example, a member whose farm name is Sunny Day Angus Ranch may choose to register the herd name Sunny Day, and therefore include Sunny Day when naming calves: Red Sunny Day Bluebird. Herd names can be shared between family members if written consent is provided.

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  • Price: $ 25.00 CAD Quantity:

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