Manitoba Angus Association

Awards and Honours

Purebred Breeder of the Year

Nominations for Manitoba Purebred Breeder of the Year are accepted during the Annual General Meeting each year and are voted on by the membership at the meeting. The winner is presented with their award at an event of their choice and they are featured in an issue of The Outlook newsletter.

Purebred Breeder of the Year – The VanDaele Award

Nominations will be received by mail or email by December 3, 2023 and from the floor at the AGM on a date that is TBD. Nominations will then be posted, and a vote taken to determine the winner. Some general guidelines to keep in mind during the nominations and voting. The recipient should be a person or persons who:

    1. Represents and promotes angus cattle in general, to the best of their ability
    2. Produces quality cattle that meets market demand
    3. Contributes to the affairs of the Association & volunteers time towards association events.

These are guidelines and if a member does not meet all of the criteria but you feel they should be considered for this award, please submit your nomination. Many people contribute to the promotion of the Purebred Angus herd in various ways, so please give this some careful thought. Also please give consideration to small and large operations both new and established.

Please send in your nominations via email or by mail to Box 172 Pierson, R0M 1S0 by December 3 or bring them to the meeting.

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Commercial Producer of the Year

Nominations for the Commercial Producer of the Year are accepted from the membership each year and are decided on by the board. The winner is presented with their award at the Annual General Meeting or a mutually agreed upon event as well as announced on our social media channels, website and featured in an issue of The Outlook.

Commercial Producer of the Year

Attention Purebred Angus Breeders! Think about your Commercial Cattlemen who have a strong Angus influence in their herd.

There are many commercial cattlemen across Manitoba who have used Angus bulls or have had a mainly Angus cow herd for years with great dedication. The MB Angus Association would like to recognize more of these cattlemen. Please take the time to think about this and send in your nomination for the commercial producer who uses Angus Bulls. Nominations will be received by mail or email (the deadline is November 24, 2023) and selection will be made by the board. The recipient will be notified of the award and invited to attend the AGM, where a presentation will be made. This is a chance to recognize a dedicated producer. Please provide a brief history on the individual with the nomination.


Please send in your nominations to MB Angus Association via email or by mail to Box 172 Pierson, R0M 1S0 by November 24th, 2023.

Picture from L to R: David & Gail
Grayson, Natalie, Kristen and Kurt Lane
Picture from L to R: David & Gail Grayson, Natalie, Kristen and Kurt Lane

2023 Commercial Producer of the Year:
Lane Valley Farms Ltd. Birtle, MB.

We are very honoured to receive this award.

Our farm is located east of Birtle along the Birdtail Valley. David & Gail began the farm as a mixed grain and cow-calf operation in the early 70s. During these early years David was also employed at the potash mine in Rocanville. With the expansion of the PMU industry in the mid-80s David received a contract, and so the cows were sold to purchase mares. PMU cutbacks began in the early 90s, and David, truly missing the cattle, decided it was a good time to get back into the cattle industry. His first choice was Black Angus. The herd grew to 60-70 black cows alongside the PMU business.

David's PMU contract was cut in 2004 with the huge collapse of the PMU industry. Together with his son Kurt, David decided to expand the Angus herd. Today the operation is a mixed cattle/grain operation run by David and Gail, and Kurt and his wife Kristin. The herd has grown, calving approximately 450 head each spring. All calves are backgrounded until the beginning of March and then sold either off the farm to an order buyer, or through the auction ring at Heartland in Virden. We run primarily Black Angus bulls with the exception of a few Hereford. Daughter Natalie joined the Foxwarren-Solsgirth Beef 4-H Club in 2022, showing Angus calves. The land base has expanded to 2300 acres of crop and hay, with an additional 3000 acres of pastureland, owned and rented. We choose to breed Angus for their low input, uniformity, and moderate frame.


Congratulations! from the Manitoba Angus Assoc.

Manitoba Commercial Cattle producer of the year 2023

2022 Commercial Producer of the Year:
William and Haley De Vos - Fork River, MB

William grew up on a dairy/beef/grain operation west of Fork River, MB. As a young kid he could always be found in the barn, field, shop, feedlot, pasture, or at bull sales with his family.

William graduated in 2016 with a future in farming in mind. He purchased his first 50 hfs in 2018 (angus of course). Growing up with the breed he learnt that they are a docile breed, hardy, cows calve easily and have excellent maternity instincts. Calves are lively and in feedlots meat quality proves superior time and time again.

He has added a few purebreds since and calves all on spring pasture.

Alongside the love of his life Haley, mom and dad, and his sisters they strive to improve the land they farm by implementing rotational grazing, reduced tillage, planting cover crops. Keeping angus influence and genetics in his herd he purchases angus bulls and plans on continuing on this path for years to come.

He has since grew their herd to a few hundred.  William and Haley implemented an Ai program into their breeding program this year.

Manitoba Honourary President

The Honourary President is elected by the membership during the Annual General Meeting. The title of Honourary President is given for recognition without the usual requirements, duties, and privileges that formally go along with the role of the president. A pin is presented to the recipient at the Canadian Angus Association Annual General Meeting or at a venue of their choice. They are recognized in the The Outlook as well as the CAA Annual Report.

Pictured from L to R: Alan, Larry and Bill Walker and Devin Boitson. MAA Pres.
Pictured from L to R: Alan, Larry and Bill Walker and Devin Boitson. MAA Pres.

2023 Honourary President: Bill Walker, Black Meadows Angus

Bill was an active Angus member, serving as a board mem-ber on NW Bull Test Station at Roblin, Breed Rep at Doug-las Bull Test Station and on the MAA board as a director. He was on the board when the Keystone Klassic Sale was established.

Black Meadows Angus has been recognized for many achievements over the years at both test Stations and in the Show ring. They have marketed their cattle through private, test station and consignment sales to commercial and pure-bred herds in Canada, the US, Mexico, Australia, Japan and Czechoslovakia.

The Manitoba Angus Association congratulates Bill on receiving this award.

Past Manitoba Angus Honourary Presidents:

2022- Doug McLaren
2021- Brent Stewart
2020 - Howard McRae
2019 - Time Baker
2018 - Darryl Logeot
2017 - Arlene Kirkpatrick
2016 - Frank Case
2015 - Ken Williams
2014 - Darin Bouchard
2013 - Vacant
2012 - Jim Skelton
2011 - Riley's Red Angus
2010 - Vaughn Greenslade
2009 - Blaine Canning
2008 - Floyd & Joan Darling
2007 - Hughie & Sandy Margetts
2006 - Jack & Barb Hart
2005 - Tilden W Nylin
2004 - Murray Arnold
2003 - Barrie Baker
2002 - Don Menzies
2001 - Lyall Edgerton
2000 - Innis Hodson
1999 - Larry Walker
1998 - Alan & Barbara Jackson
1997 - Grant & Carol Wilson
1996 - Rob & Charlie Simpson