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The 2021 Gold Show season is back

The 2021 Gold Show season is back.

While we are aware that some events will not take place as planned and some uncertainty remains around others, we are confident that as we take the summer turn that some return to normalcy will occur and that a number of our prized events will take place as planned.

We are aware that the Gold Show series plays an important role in the marketing and promotion efforts of several Angus members and understanding this importance, we want to ensure the successes of the 2021 Show season are acknowledged.

For 2021, the CAA will be removing the requirement that points will be calculated on the best 3 shows across 2 regions requirement and the 2021 winners will be announced on total points accumulation. The same 5-tiered show points allocation system based on the number of entries and points awarded based on the number of entries will continue to be the basis on how points will be calculated.

Follow the CAA website for updated events as we are informed about them as well as updated results and standings as these events take place.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing everyone at one of these events in 2021.

Myles Immerkar


Canadian Angus Association