Sale Results

43rd Annual Short Grass Bull & Female Sale

Sale Name:      43rd Annual Short Grass Bull & Female Sale

Sale Date:        April 17, 2021

Location:          Sandy Bar Ranch, Aneroid, Saskatchewan, Canada

Auctioneers:    Bruce Switzer & Ryan Dorran

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot #Name of BullPriceSold to
59Sandy Bar Black Cat 79H$24,000.Bar E-L Angus, Arda Farms & Freeway Angus, Acme, AB
1Sandy Bar Bronco 43H$16,000.Nordahl Ranch, Simpson, SK
22Sandy Bar Black Cat 47H$13,000.Borderland Cattle Co., Rockglen, SK
88Valley Blossom Monarch 739H$13,000.Right Cross Ranch, Kisby, SK


Top Selling Registered Heifers:

201Sandy Bar Princess 14H$11,000.Hardy Fischer & Everblack Angus, Cherhill, AB
202Sandy Bar Bessie 7H$8,000.Ring Creek Farms, Fairview, AB


Top Selling Commercial Heifers:

Number of HeifersConsignorPriceSold to
30Crawford Ranch$1800.Rob Nelson, Mankota, SK
10Dustin Hawkins$1700.Ken & Sylvia Simpson, Jenner, AB
30Sandy Bar Ranch$1700.Scott & Linda Heuston, Rockglen, SK


1 Ranch horse:

1 consigned by Sydney Pedersen sold for $8,500. to Lamb Quarter’s Angus


Sale Summary:      145 Bulls – Averaged $6,728

12 Registered Heifers – Averaged $ 5,625

260 Commercial Heifers – Averaged $1,585.19

1 Ranch Horse – $8,500


Volume Bull Buyers:

–  Chezacut Ranch, Alexis Creek, BC

–  Gehl Ranch, Hodgeville, SK

–  Anderson Ranch, Fir Mountain, SK

–  Flying T Ranch, Mankota, SK

Volume Purebred Heifer Buyer:

– Ring Creek Farms, Fairview, AB

–  Kevin Hiemstra, Big Valley, AB