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Performance - Canadian Angus Performance Program (CAPP) Application Form - Part 4 of 4

  • The Canadian Angus Performance Program is a voluntary evaluation program whereby breeders collect and submit growth, fertility and carcass information. In return, breeders receive performance and genetic evaluations for their animals including adjusted weights, in-herd ranks and ratios, and expected progeny differences (EPDs). The program provides participants with selection tools that will help propel them towards their breeding goals.

    The performance program is based on the principals of whole herd reporting: therefore, members are required to submit complete herd inventory information and weaning weights for all calves per season. Members are also encouraged to submit yearling weight and ultrasound scanning data to strengthen the EPDs for their animals.

    The fees associated with participating in the performance program are $2/head weaning weight administration fee and yearly $25 membership fee.

    To entoll into the Canadian Angus Performance Program, please complete the form below.

  • (other herds with whom your animals are raised)

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