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Convention 2022 Board Meeting Highlights

Convention 2022 Board Meeting Highlights



  1. Originally scheduled for 2020, the first in-person Canadian Angus National Convention and annual general meeting since 2019 were held in Moncton, New Brunswick, June 8–12. One hundred and forty-six people attended.


  1. Graham MacLean of Watford, ON was elevated from the position of President Elect to President. Sheldon Kyle of Redvers, SK moved into the Past President position, and Tom deWaal of Prince George, BC was chosen as President Elect.


  1. In addition to the new executive, three new directors officially took office following the annual general meeting. Blake Morton of Craigmyle, AB replaces retiring director Brett Wildman of Sangudo, AB; Roger Reynolds of Emerald Park, SK replaces retiring director Dale Easton of Wawota, SK; and Dallas Johnston of Brookdale, MB replaces retiring director and past president Shawn Birmingham of Brandon, MB. Brett, Dale and Shawn have a combined 22 years of service on the Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors.


  1. The board of directors has been making every effort to learn about gene editing. The following policy on gene editing is effective June 7, 2022:


Gene Editing Policy

Adopted June 7, 2022


Registration applications submitted to the Canadian Angus Association that possess an intentional genomic alteration (IGA) produced by genome editing will be subject to the following policy. To be eligible for registration, the IGA and/or animals possessing it must be submitted to the agency or agencies responsible for overseeing livestock genome editing or the approval of such a practice in Canada according to Canadian law. (At the time of writing, the practise of livestock genome editing is not approved in Canada by the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency (CFIA)). Secondly, IGA registration applications will be subject to review and approval by the Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors, who will consider factors including the impact of introducing the IGA into the purebred Angus population. This approval process may also include direction from the scientific community, CAA membership input and related industry perspective at the time of or prior to the application review. Lastly, in the sole discretion of the Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors, the Association reserves the right to deny importation and/or registration to any genome edited animal or descendant that fails to provide sufficient benefit or advancement of the Angus breed.


  1. CAA has launched the Angus Ambassador program in BC and Ontario with plans for Quebec, Alberta and the Maritimes to join. This program is a joint venture between CAA and the regional association. This approach aligns with the priorities set out in the CAA strategic plan focusing on member value.


  1. At the annual general meeting, CEO Myles Immerkar presented the results of the vote on the revised bylaw amendments. The voting period was April 22–May 22. CAA received 178 responses for a return rate of 7.6%. All 51 amendments passed with a low of 91% acceptance and a high of 99% acceptance. The revised bylaws will now be sent to the Minister of Agriculture for approval. Until we receive that formal approval, the current approved bylaws remain in place.


  1. The CEO also presented the audited financial statements, reporting the best CAA financial results in the Association’s 116-year history making CAA well poised to meet future challenges. 2021 was a very successful year with membership reaching 2,500 for the first time since 2014, animal registrations increasing 2% and the highest number of weaning and yearling weight submissions in CAA history. Fiscal responsibility has been CAA’s priority for the last three years. Our focus and highest priority has been member service, and in 2021 thanks to diligent efforts to create efficiencies, we were able to accomplish more with less. To see full highlights of 2021, view the annual report at


  1. The board of directors formally added a Breed Improvement Committee to the board’s committees in accordance with the new bylaws. Through the bylaw revision process and the changes to the board’s governance process over the last few years, this committee was identified as necessary to help the board complete its work.


  1. At the joint working session, a meeting between regional association representatives and the CAA Board of Directors, attendees participated in brainstorming and discussion exploring programs that focus on our common goals. Staff look forward to building on this work which will lead to future announcements and new initiatives over the next six months.


  1. In light of fee increases for some testing at Neogen that have been passed on to CAA members, the board reviewed the ACE fee. The board has chosen not to change the fee at this time.


  1. The Board of Directors approved the creation of a Canadian Angus Hall of Fame that will launch at Convention 2023. Members should watch for details about eligibility and the nomination process this fall.
  2. The Canadian Angus Association has been receiving increasing requests to verify the genetics of Angus cattle, especially as RFID tag shortages continue. The Board has been discussing ways to assist industry address this challenge. CAA will soon make an announcement on an innovative solution.


  1. The CEO shared with the board news of a recent shipment of two live Canadian Angus bulls that were shipped to Hungary. It was the first shipment of live cattle to the EU in about 15 years.


  1. Certified Angus Beef presented Ranch Covey Hill of Havelock, QC with the Certified Angus Beef Canadian Commitment to Excellence Award. Certified Angus Beef will share an article and feature video on the family this fall.


  1. At the National Convention Banquet on Saturday evening, Tullamore Farms of Caledon East, Ontario was presented with a CAA Pioneer Award for 100 years of continuous membership. They are the fourth family in Canadian Angus history to receive this recognition.


  1. In addition to meetings, early arrivals enjoyed a Shediac Bay lobster tour cruise and fresh lobster supper; the President’s Reception at Tide and Boar Gastropub, an award-winning pub named one of Canada’s Top 50 restaurants by Maclean’s magazine, one of Canada’s Favorite Bars by Air Canada’s Enroute and Featured on The Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here; a memorable dinner theatre performance of The Night That Paddy Murphy Died at McSweeney’s Dinner Theatre.


  1. About 50 people participated in a sightseeing tour on Sunday which included a bus trip across the Confederation Bridge, stops at a potato processing facility, Deep Roots Distillery, Cows Creamery, Anne of Green Gables Chocolates, Outstanding Young Angus Breeder James Worth’s farm and supper at New Glasgow Lobster Suppers.


  1. The board set their upcoming meeting dates as:

Sunday, October 2–Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sunday, January 22–Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Tuesday, June 6–Thursday, June 8 and Saturday, June 10, 2023