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How to Complete the
Yearling 365 Day Weight Worksheet

How to Complete the 365 Day Weight Worksheet

Instructions for Completing the YW Traits Worksheet

Yearling Reports

Yearling Report

A 365 Day Yearling Report is generated after 365 day weights are processed. For each animal for which a yearling weight was submitted, the report identifies the actual weight, adjusted weight, the daily average gain between weaning and yearling, and the animal’s rank and index comparative to their contemporary group. The report also displays the weaning information on record for each animal. This report gives members an in-herd comparison of their animals at both weaning and yearling age.

Yearling Average

The Yearling Averages Summary Report shows the herd sires used for the season and summarizes the average yearling weight performance for their progeny for the season. This report provides breeders with a snapshot of how well their sires performed for yearling calves.

Converting Hip Height into Frame Scores
To convert hip height into frame scores, follow these tables recommended by the Beef Improvement Federation.

Hip Heights (inches) and Frame Scores for 5–21 Month-Old Bulls

Hip Heights (inches) and Frame Scores for Mature Bulls

Hip Heights (inches) and Frame Scores for Mature Cows

Hip Heights (inches) and Frame Scores for 5 –21 Month-Old Heifers