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Breed Averages

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AngusONE genetic evaluations combine Canadian Black Angus, Canadian Red Angus, and American Angus Association data with which to calculate EPDs. Once all the EPDs are calculated we use these to calculate breed averages for Canadian Black Angus, Canadian Red Angus and the American Angus populations separately.

Breed Averages are one of the best ways to use EPDs. You can evaluate where against the breed average any animal is for any trait. An animal can be above average (50%) or below average.

The percentile rank tables help you identify where an animal sits in the population for any trait more accurately. For example, you can use the percentile rank tables to see if an animal is in the top 10% percentile of the breed or the bottom 10% of the breed for a specific trait.

Breed Averages Table - Released February 2021

Possible Change Table

This table provides EPDs users an estimate of how much an EPD could change based on its accuracy. An YW EPD with a 10% accuracy may change +/- 23 lb as more information on the animal becomes available. In comparison, a YW EPD with a 90% accuracy is within +/- 2.6lb of the animal’s true breeding value for YW. It is possible to calculate more accurate EPDs when there is more performance, pedigree, progeny and genomic information available on an animal. The higher the EPD accuracy, the more confidence the producer can have in it.