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Canadian Angus Association
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Registry Help—How to Become a Member of the Canadian Angus Association


Benefits of Membership with the Canadian Angus Association


In addition to being part of the largest beef breed in Canada, membership in the Canadian Angus Association provides you with rights and privileges and access to information to assist you in superior breed development to help ensure your success in the purebred business.

  • The benefits of membership include:

  • Members in good standing are eligible to vote and serve on the Board of Directors.

  • Membership includes a subscription to Aberdeen Angus World, the official publication of the Canadian Angus Association.

  • May register eligible animals.

  • Registered animals may compete in Canadian Angus Association Gold Shows and vie for the annual Show Female of the Year and Show Bull of the Year awards.

  • Eligible to participate in the Canadian Angus Performance Program to receive Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs).

  • Eligible to request pedigree extracts for sale catalogues, which may be posted on the Canadian Angus Association website.

  • Can place an ad promoting your breeding program and operation in the Angus Marketplace (www.angusmarket.com).

  • Members can receive enhanced web access through the Authorized Users section of the Canadian Angus Association website.

  • If you have a valid email address on file, the monthly e-newsletter will be sent to you, keeping you informed about deadlines, news, policy changes and Association events.

  • Field staff represent Canadian Angus Association members at sales and industry events across Canada.

  • Membership in your provincial Angus association is included.

  • Increased marketing opportunities through the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Program.

Applying for Membership


Use Canadian Angus Association Membership Application CAAFORM1 to apply for membership and to document signing authority for the membership being applied for. Be sure to submit the appropriate fees with your completed application.


Please see Completing the Membership Application page for details on how to complete the application form.


Tattoo Letters


To register Angus cattle in Canada, you must apply for and secure the right to use a set of unique tattoo letters. Tattoo letters need only be applied for once and stay with the member as long as (s)he is an active member of the Association. If tattoo letters have not been used for seven years they may be reassigned.


Herd Name


Although optional, the use of herd names is recommended. Herd names are used as either a prefix or suffix in naming registered cattle to identify the owner at birth. Selecting a herd name and registering it with the Association ensures that only you can use it in naming your cattle. Your herd name does not have to be the same as your membership name.


Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.