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Canadian Angus Association
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Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed

The Canadian Angus Association is pleased to announce the new Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program. We are the first Canadian breed association to introduce an initiative that incorporates all sectors of the beef industry value chain.



Program Information

The Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Beef program is designed to support the success of your Angus beef program through increased consumer awareness and demand for Angus beef. Angus beef is recognized as premium, quality beef and is desired for its tenderness, marbling and flavour. With the endorsement and support of the Canadian Angus Association, Canada’s purebred beef registry for Angus cattle, and its 3,000 members, the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program offers confidence that beef bearing the “Angus” label truly meets and/or exceeds expectations.

  • Guaranteed Genetics
    The Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program guarantees the cattle used have minimum 50% Angus genetics through the Canadian Angus Certification Program (Angus tag program).

  • Traceability
    The Angus tag program offers age verified and source verified Angus cattle.

  • Demand
    Consumers will have increased access to Angus beef through better identification of Angus beef at the retail level.

  • Reputable
    The Canadian Angus Association was incorporated in 1906 and currently has 3,000 members across Canada.

  • Producer benefits
    The Angus Tag Program increases marketing opportunities and access to markets: more demand for Angus cattle means more sustainability for your business. The Canadian Angus Association is poised to sell 500,000 Angus tags this year—make sure your cattle proudly display the tag.


Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Program Contacts

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